The Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 with the aim of mitigating the impacts of climate change. One of the key components of the agreement is the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), which aims to increase transparency and accountability among participating countries.

The objective of the ETF is to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of individual countries` efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It emphasizes on the need for accurate and timely reporting by countries on their progress towards nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and the provision of support by developed countries to developing countries.

The ETF requires each country to submit an NDC, which outlines their individual action plan, including targets for reducing emissions and other measures to tackle climate change. The NDCs are reviewed and updated every five years to ensure that progress is being made.

Furthermore, the ETF requires each country to submit a biennial transparency report (BTR), which is a comprehensive report on their progress towards meeting their NDCs. The BTR must include detailed information on emissions, as well as the policies and measures that are being implemented to achieve those reductions.

The ETF also provides for a process of peer review, where countries can review each other`s NDCs and BTRs, and offer feedback and recommendations. This helps to ensure that countries are held accountable for their commitments and that they are continually improving their efforts.

The ETF also highlights the importance of developing reliable and robust systems for measuring emissions, which is crucial for accurate reporting. The Paris Agreement provides some support for developing countries in this area, recognizing that many do not currently have the capacity to develop emissions monitoring systems on their own.

Overall, the Enhanced Transparency Framework is a crucial element of the Paris Agreement. It helps ensure that all countries are making meaningful progress towards tackling climate change and holding each other accountable for their commitments. By enhancing transparency, the ETF provides a framework for greater trust between countries, which is essential for addressing the global challenge of climate change.